For the beginners

Are you thinking of taking up skiing? Or, perhaps your first steps in skiing are already behind you and you are missing just a bit of courage and determination to head towards slightly more difficult slopes? Zieleniec Sport Arena is a perfect place to begin your ski training. All this thanks to the ideal infrastructure and adequately profiled slopes which will let you gain the right skills and improve them further on.

Didactic ski lifts

Among the 31 Zieleniec ski lifts and chairlifts, there are 4 didactic lifts at the disposal of the youngest, which are a perfect solution for the beginners. One of them is available in Nortorama which is 50 meters long; the second one is in Bartuś (124 meters long) and two remaining didactic ski lifts are located at Winterpol resort (50 and 100 meters long respectively) enabling fast and, what is the most important, safe transportation for the representatives of the young generation. All slopes located by these ski lifts are adequately prepared, snowed, with the highest diligence and care for safety of the youngest skiers.

Gentle slopes

The second element, apart from didactic ski lifts, which is a significant component of the Zieleniec infrastructure are of course the slopes. Densely filled network of routes offers as many as 40 of them, among which many are devoted to the beginners. If however we are in fact the beginning skiers, we should kick off with shorter routes and more gentle and located in direct vicinity of didactic lifts slopes. Many of the Zieleniec routes, despite being marked with a blue trail, are demanding at least due to their length (i.e. Route no. 1 with a length of 2,050 meters or route no. 2 with the length of 2,800 meters).

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