Hiking routes / Trails

Zieleniec and its surroundings are a real paradise in terms of mountain hiking and longer escapades. If you want to treat our resort as a starting point of further excursions, you can choose out of tens of kilometres of trails leading to Orlickie, Bystrzyckie or Stołowe mountains. It is worth mentioning that mountain tourism can be cultivated in this region throughout the entire year, however, caution appropriate for each season should be exercised. Although this part of the Central Sudetes is not one the highest mountain ranges, there are exactly the same rules of hiking as in case of the higher Sudeten ranges.

The following suggestions involve of course the trails which are the closest to our resort. If we aim to take longer hiking trips, it is worth to take a look at the map of the trails around the area and start from Zieleniec in any of the directions – Orlica (1084 m), Szczeliniec (919 m), Jagodna (977 m) – peaks which consist of the Crown of Polish Mountains are just some of the proposals.

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Wokół Zieleńca Orlica

Długość: 13,6 km    Różnica wysokości: 242,1 m

Zobacz trasę w Traseo

Szczyty Zieleniec

Długość: 3,5 km    Różnica wysokości: 161 m


Długość: 6 km    Różnica wysokości: 100 m

Kamień Rubascha - Velka Destna

Długość: 14 km    Różnica wysokości: 180 m

Kamień Rubascha - Orlica - Masarykowa Chata

Długość: 10,14 km    Różnica wysokości: 148 m