Cross-country trail

Zieleniec Sport Arena is not just alpine skiing. There are also scenic, beautiful cross-country ski trails, stretching for many long kilometres. A lot of them are located on the Czech side of the border, which makes them no less attractive (rather to the contrary). What is more, due to the fact that the trails are available for us from our southern neighbours, their total combined length reaches over 200 kilometres. What’s more, they are varied in almost every respect – both in length and level of proficiency. Thus, both novices, as well as experienced skiers who want to feel like Justyna Kowalczyk for a while will spend great time here.

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Szczyty Zieleniec

Długość: 3,5 km    Różnica wysokości: 161 m


Długość: 6 km    Różnica wysokości: 100 m

Kamień Rubascha - Velka Destna

Długość: 14 km    Różnica wysokości: 180 m

Kamień Rubascha - Orlica - Masarykowa Chata

Długość: 10,14 km    Różnica wysokości: 148 m